Mystic Plum Reed Diffuser 100ml





Remove the stopper from the glass bottle and insert dry reeds into the fragrance. Allowing reeds to absorb the fragrance oils. For optimum infusion and to vary fragrance intensity, carefully rotate reeds every two to three days. 

*Diffusers should be kept out of the reach of children. See box for full details.


This rich fruity scent is bursting at the seams with dark plum rounded with peach, pear and vanilla and finally a touch of tangy rhubarb. 

What sorcery is this, said aloud the Queen
Not like before have I ever seen!

Or heard, or touched, nor taste nor smell
A delight for the senses she would tell

This room is filled with magic she hummed
With the opulent scent of Mystic Plum!

Treat your room to a scent over with a beautiful reed diffuser from Rambling Rose! A simple round clear glass bottle with classic neutral reeds will fit with any decor!


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